Architecture for Travelers is an ongoing conversation about home. It began during a residency at the Akademie Schloss Solitude and so far it has taken form as:

  • a walk across Texas from Galveston Island to Marfa
  • a series of photographs taken during the walk, printed for exhibition and collected in a book  
  • another book (of poetry and prose) that explores travel, collaboration, and architecture
  • an experiment in building that resulted in a house
  • an occasional residency for artists and writers

This website is a record of this and other projects, the most recent of which is Elegies—an ongoing series of walks from the birthplaces to the death-sites of poets, with photographs taken at regular intervals, one for each year of the poets' lives. So far elegies for Miguel Hernández, Federico García Lorca, and Friedrich Hölderlin have been completed.