"A walk is always filled with significant phenomena, which are valuable to see and feel."

—Robert Walser, The Walk (trans. Christopher Middleton) 


Click here for an account of the walk. (PDF)


The walk began on November 10th at UTMB on Galveston Island, Texas and ended December 20th at 404 West Galveston Street in Marfa, Texas. 


Joshua Edwards was born in Galveston, and walked from there to Marfa. He's the author of Castles and IslandsImperial Nostalgias, and Campeche, and the translator of Mexican poet María Baranda's Ficticia. In November 2014 Edition Solitude published Architecture for Travelers (poems and a travelogue) and Photographs Taken at One-Hour Intervals During a Walk from Galveston Island to the West Texas Town of Marfa. He directs Canarium Books. His other photographic work can be found at: www.castlesislands.com

Lynn Xu was born in Shanghai, grew up in Chicago, and walked from Austin to Kerrville. She's the author of a collection of poetry, Debts & Lessons, and a chapbook, June. She's a co-editor of Canarium Books, a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at the University of California, Berkeley, and she teaches at University of Chicago.

Thanks to the friends and family members who came along for stretches of the journey!